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In addition to the market for products and services, a global market for companies has emerged.
(Rubens Ricupero, former General Secretary of UNCTAD)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is the synonym for the world of national and international acquisitions and mergers, the so-called ultimate discipline of corporate finance. Since the beginning of the new millennium, Mergers & Acquisitions with their impressive transaction numbers and volumes have led to radical changes in the corporate landscape.

Advisio M&A consultants are responding to the increasing globalisation, the new challenges, particularly in the areas of information and communication, and the opening up and deregulation of markets. In line with the complex nature of companies, there are complex, cross-industry and multidisciplinary, economic, legal, technical and social tasks that are closely interlinked.

Therefore, Mergers & Acquisitions are requiring a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. Advisio applies this in all areas: Acquisitions, sales, mergers, alliances, spin-offs, cooperations and joint ventures, business seeds, start-ups, growths and conversions, management buy-outs and buy-ins as well as entrepreneural company successions.