Family Office
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1989 - Foundation of the later German office in the academic and entrepreneural environment of the Technical University of Munich as management consultancy for security, organization and service management with first small and medium-sized clients.

1991 - Rebranding into a limited liability company as a consulting firm for management and technology with a strategic focus on business administration and information technology with SME customers from services, technology and industry.

1993 - Establishment of, and concentration on international strategy consulting in the business fields of Technology, Organisation, Restructuring, Quality and Safety Management in Switzerland, in Germany and in the neighbouring european countries.

1995 - Foundation of the later parent company in the entrepreneural environment of the Management University of St. Gallen. Establishment of a holding structure to advise and to invest in companies with a high development potential mainly in Switzerland and in Germany.

1998 - Takeover of the hitherto autonomous German company and its total integration into the Advisio Advisory Group. Consistent rebranding of all operational consulting companies in Europe into the proprietary group-wide uniform brand Advisio.